"MC method" supports sludge, turbid water purification, dehydration, transportation, storage

MC工法について詳しく知りたい "MC (mesh cut) construction method" is an epoch-making sludge, muddy water treatment system

Designed by a technician who knew the site of sludge / turbid water treatment. Unlike other sludge and muddy water treatment systems, we promise the operation assuming from purification to dehydration, volume reduction through to transportation. Moreover, at low cost.


Three powers that support the MC method born from a new idea

Innovative technology of "relief" is born by three products
There is no need to feel troubled in sludge, muddy water treatment cost, and operation Method

  • SR series, Sludge treatment machine. Floc-man is added and solid-liquid separation
  • Floc-man, Powder coagulant. Sludge is separated into dirt particles and moisture
  • Eco-Pouch, Dehydrated Flexcon. Dehydration, transportation, storage possible

We also provide experience accumulated with many achievements.

We are absolutely confident consulting about treatment of sewage and turbid water, new launching and management of sludge disposal site. The problems of each site are various. With reliable technology and accumulated know-how, we continue to offer optimal solutions to customers all the time.

First of all, please feel free to contact us as an expert on sludge, turbid water, sewage treatment. We support waste volume reduction and recycling, etc.

"BEST" answer to customers about sludge, muddy water treatment